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Tips & Tricks

We'd like to share our experiences with a dome. Many of these apply to any type of camera dome.


  • Keep that dome clean!
  • Don't use Rain-X on the dome. It will make your acrylic brittle. We've contacted the manufacturers, and applying rainX is highly discouraged.
  • The dome repels water without 3rd party product application, if it's clean.
  • We've been using a product called Plexus. You can find it on Amazon with a free microfiber cloth. It works well for us.


  • A clear dome can build up heat over time.
  • Don't install your dome until you're ready to chase or,
  • Keep your camera out of the dome until it's time to chase.

Operating in Rain

  • Try not to follow vehicles, they will produce mist which reduces visibility.


  • If you don't clip the ham antenna, the dome isn't going to hit anything (depending on your antenna height). All fast food joints should be safe.

Camera tips

  • Hard disk drive cameras are extremely susceptible to hard jarring. If you have a HDD camera, you should really consider using flash media instead of the HDD. Under extremely harsh test conditions, the HDD jar safety kicked on (to prevent HDD damage) ending our recording, without any notification. Most HDD cameras also have SDHC capabilities. A 32 gig SDHC card can be purchased for $60 from Amazon.
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